Metallic Bubble Envelopes

Aluminized film is a polymer film coated with a thin layer of metal, one of the metalized films. This advanced technology is called physical vapor deposition. Aluminum is the most common metal used for deposition. It could provide a glossy metallic appearance to a padded bubble envelope without adding cost or weight.

This special process is widely used in the packaging industry, not only in the metallic bubble mailer we gonna introduce below, but it is also involved in food packaging. No one can deny that packaging with greater sparkle is more competitive than the ordinary type.

Types Of Metallic Bubble Mailer

There are types of metallic bubble mailers in Mailerbagfactory. And they are distinguished by their colors.

  • Pink rose gold
  • Champagne gold
  • Gold rose gold
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • …….

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How to Find Out The Proper Size Of Metallic Bubble Envelopes?

Size of the packaging depends on your products. Specifically, depends on the length, width, and height of your products. As you can see, metallic bubble envelopes are padded. That is to say, you have to leave space in the length and width of the bag when you need to ship three-dimensional products like boxes, books, etc.


Width of the mailer bag= width of the products+ height of the products +4 cm

Length of the mailer bag= length of the products+ height of the products +2cm

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