Custom Honeycomb Paper Mailer

Honeycomb Paper Mailers are more than just a packaging option; they are a testament to innovative, eco-friendly, and efficient design. Whether for everyday shipping needs or specialized product deliveries, these mailers offer unparalleled protection and customization.

What can be shipped in a honeycomb pad mailer?

Each Honeycomb Paper Padded Envelope is equipped with a robust self-sealing strip, ensuring the contents remain secure during transit. Ease of storage and transport makes them an ideal packaging solution for both retail and online businesses. Based on their lightweight and sturdy design, those mailers are perfectly suited for shipping a variety of items, from CDs and books to delicate jewelry.


The double-layer structure

Honeycomb Padding Mailers stand out with their unique double-layer structure, setting them apart from traditional bubble mailers. The exterior is crafted from oiled kraft paper, while the interior boasts a monolithic, continuous honeycomb-like structure. This design not only mimics the natural strength of a honeycomb but also offers exceptional support and protection for enclosed products, elevating it to an upgraded version of the standard paper mailer.


Enhanced protection and durability

The double-layer composition and honeycomb structure of these mailers significantly can enhance their protective capabilities. They surpass ordinary paper mailers in terms of weight-bearing capacity and pressure resistance, making them a superior choice for shipping delicate items. Their design evolution marks a significant advancement in the realm of eco-friendly packaging solutions.



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What makes Mailerbagfactory trustworthy?

We are a packaging company specializing in providing custom mailer bags for studios, brands, and enterprises. During the last few years, we have developed 5 types of shipping bags to meet the different requirements for transporting goods. Committed to providing a superb parcel bag solution for our customers, many experienced experts were invited to join us. They can help perfect your design within your budget. You can click here or send us an E-Mail at [email protected] now to get a quote.

Customization and production of recycled honeycomb envelopes

As a forward-thinking packaging company, we offer extensive customization options for our honeycomb paper mailers. Being primarily paper-based, they lend themselves beautifully to personalization with your brand’s logos, symbols, and desired patterns.

1. Clients have the liberty to choose everything from the mailer’s color to intricate printing processes like hot foil stamping and spot UV.

2. Additionally, the size of these mailers is customizable to fit specific product dimensions, ensuring a perfect match for your shipping needs.

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