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Printed tape and water-activated packaging tape are the main kinds of packaging tape in Mailerbagfactory. Limited in the packaging industry, packaging tape doesn’t have many types like traditional tape, which can be divided into cloth tape, kraft paper tape, paper tape, fiber tape, PVC tape, PE foam tape, etc. according to the base material.

Custom packaging tape can be printed with any pattern you need. So, with the carefully designed logo and name, custom packaging tape could be attractive and suitable for the brand. As far as I know, besides sealing the packaging, some brands even give it to customers as a gift. And the customers also feel good when receive the custom logo tape.

The Great Features of Packaging Tape

The most obvious characteristic of packaging tapes lies in the pattern. Out of the original intention of expressing their brands, many companies would choose to custom packaging tape based on brands’ needs.

Packaging tapes can be used to connect brands and consumers. Most obviously, some brands would print words like “Thank you for your purchase” on the tape and use it to seal the shipping box. Therefore, when consumers receive the package, they can feel the sincere gratitude from the brand. That’s a good way to impress your clients.

What is more, personalized tape can play a decorative role for some brands. It happens when the brands choose simple packaging like a blank shipping box without a printing process to pack their goods. After placing the product in the box, they will take tape along the edges of the box. It can not only offer another layer of protection, but also can make the whole packing more charming.

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How To Custom Printed Tape?

Design is one of the most important parts when custom printed tape. First of all, there is some basic information we need about the tape. So, it is best to include the following information in the design files you send us.

  • Type of the tape
  • Size of the tape
  • Quantity of the order


Our expert will offer a detailed quotation as soon as possible when we receive your files. Also, if your design is not settled yet, we are still pleased to answer any questions about custom-printed tape. Don’t hesitate to contact [email protected]

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