Kraft Bubble Mailer

Kraft bubble mailers can be regarded as the most common shipping bag. Many start-up brands would like to transport their products with kraft bubble mailers. Not only for cost-saving considerations, is the powerful function of the kraft bubble mailer itself also an important reason.

How Do The Ecolite Bubble Mailers Work?

Ecolite bubble mailers feature a unique air-filled film that cushions and shields products from impact, ensuring protection even during handling. Its versatile design makes it ideal for various industries, offering both thermal insulation and lightweight, elastic, sound-insulating, shockproof, and anti-wear properties.

Furthermore, the air-cushioned middle layer enhances its waterproof, moisture-proof, and pressure-resistant attributes. Ecolite bubble mailers are the smart choice for secure and adaptable packaging solutions across different product types.

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Two Different Types of Kraft Paper Bubble Mailers

1. Single-sided bubble mailer contains one layer and bubble. (PE film + bubble) it is suitable for some lightweight products.

2. Double-sided bubble mailer contains 2 layers and a bubble. (PE film + bubble +PE film) Whether it is shockproof or soundproof, it performs better than single-sided bubble mailer. It is suitable for heavier items.

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