Custom Mailer Boxes

Wood pulp is the raw material of mailer boxes. This is a 100% recyclable shipping packaging. From a structural perspective, you can think of it as consisting of corrugated paper and coating paper.

A qualified mailer box should include 3 parts: coating paper corrugated paper + coating paper, which is also the basis for mailer box classification.

Types of Printed Mailer Boxes

According to the coating paper, printed mailer boxes can be divided into 3 main types.

  • Kraft mailer boxes are popular in brands that focus on retro nostalgia.
  • White mailer boxes are very suitable for packaging products of some low-key and elegant brands.
  • Black mailer boxes look very gorgeous after being gilded or silvered. They are loved by many luxury brands.


Advantages of Mailer Boxes

Mailer boxes are very space-saving during transportation. You can stack all the cardboard together and fold it when you need it. One piece of cardboard corresponds to a complete mailer box. You only need to fold the cardboard, which is very quick and convenient.

Moreover, by physically folding and locking the opening, the carton can have sufficient support to maintain the shape of the mailer box and prevent it from collapsing. What is more, we all know that different packaging consumes different paper materials. Mailer boxes can save resources to the greatest extent and help create a brand image that protects the environment.

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We are a packaging company specializing in providing custom mailer bags for studios, brands, and enterprises. During the last few years, we have developed 5 types of shipping bags to meet the different requirements for transporting goods. Committed to providing a superb parcel bag solution for our customers, many experienced experts were invited to join us. They can help perfect your design within your budget. You can click here or send us an E-Mail at [email protected] now to get a quote.

Features of Mailer Boxes in Mailerbagfactory

High-precision printing. No matter the printing methods of printing processes, there are many options for you to choose from. Take the Flexography printing method for example, it can achieve more complex color printing and improve the realism of images. Also, when it comes to the printing process of Spot UV, the mailer box can be more charming and provide a sense of luxury.

Super load-bearing and pressure-resistant ability. It has gone back to the corrugated paper mentioned before. Corrugated material is available in different wall thicknesses, known as flute sizes, such as A-Flute, B-Flute, C-Flute, and E-Flute. While A-Flute provides maximum cushioning for fragile products, B-Flute has a flatter surface allowing for higher quality printing and die cutting.

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