Mailing Bags with Handles

An extra handle is the most obvious difference between poly mailers with handles and ordinary poly mailers. Both of them are made from eco-friendly material and can be degraded into carbon dioxide, water, etc.

Designed with a handle, this postage bag is easy to carry for consumers. To some extent, it can reduce the contact area with bacteria.

Application of Mailing Bags with Handle

Mailing bags with handles can be seen everywhere in our daily life. They can be used to package clothing products like scarves, sweaters, and pants. Also, it can be used to ship personal care products and toy products, too.


2 Opening Directions for Custom Poly Mailers with Handle

For custom poly mailers with handles, Mailerbagfactory offers 2 opening directions.

1. Open upward. That means the bag mouth is on the same side of the handle. Whether it is packaging products or taking out products, it is consistent with our habits.

2. Open facing down. Contrary to the above type, the bag mouth is on the opposite ends of the handle. The strong self-sealing adhesive strips would seal each package safely and securely.

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The New Reusable Poly Mailers

Packaging has always been close to the market and constantly updated as the market changes. The latest express bags have developed to the point that when unpacking the express, the user only needs to tear it open directly along the dotted line on the inside of the handle, and a handbag appears. Its environmentally friendly and tough properties are popular among consumers.

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