About mailerbagfactory

Who We Are

Mailerbagfactory is a poly mailer bag factory located in Yiwu, China. The scope of business of our factory is offering shipping mailer customization services for brands, companies, and studios who are in need. Our products could be divided into poly mailers, bubble mailers, paper mailers, frosted ziplock bags, and honeycomb paper mailers. They can cover almost the whole transport demand in the light industry, such as clothing and books.

Advanced Equipments

Mailerbagfactory is a poly mailer bag factory located in Yiwu, China. Our factory attaches great importance to the latest technology and has applied advanced production equipment to reduce production time. Having been in this industry for over 5 years, we have cooperated with customers from all over the world and have become a stable supplier for most of them.

Compostable Material

In order to reduce our carbon footprint, our factory insists on using compostable material to produce express bags. It has an obvious benefit that the shipping bags can be completely degraded within 2 years and finally decompose into water and carbon dioxide, which will not cause damage to the environment.

Our Advantages

Strategic Partnerships

We have formed partnerships with many express bag manufacturers and companies. This allows us to receive the latest news and cutting-edge technology in the industry on time, which has an important impact on the update of the types and materials of our express bags.

Robust System

In five years of continuous development, we have gradually formed a complete system. Whether it is sales or production, there are experienced experts responsible for related matters. Ensure effective communication with customers and the high-quality output of poly mailers.

Our Goal

While focusing on our development, we would continue to pay attention to and apply the latest developments in the mailer bags industry, laying a solid foundation for our future development and expanding the influence of our brand in the industry.

At the same time, Mailerbagfactory never stops exploring emerging packaging. We aim to provide customers with the most perfect packaging solutions for their products.

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