Custom Bubble Mailer

Bubble mailers are used to provide durable protection for fragile items such as jewelry, electronic accessories, etc. They can be tailored to any size you need. Choosing the right bubble mailer for your products is essential for ensuring their safe arrival. With our expertise and wide range of options, we are confident that you will find the perfect bubble mailer solution for your shipping needs.

The wide applications of Bubble Mailers

Through our years of experience and feedback from clients, we’ve observed that poly bubble mailers are highly versatile. Their exceptional tear resistance, puncture-proof nature, and ability to cushion impacts make them a favorite in the e-commerce industry, particularly for light and fragile items. Additionally, they are favored by brands in the cosmetics, books, and handicrafts sectors.


Customized bubble mailers are available here

As we are also a supplier of custom mailer bags, offering custom bubble mailers with logos is within our scope of service. You can tailor these poly bubble mailers based on your design preferences, adding a personal touch that resonates with your consumers.


Custom bubble mailer sizes and Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

Ordering custom bubble poly mailers with us is straightforward. The size of the bubble mailer is a critical factor and should be chosen based on the dimensions of the items being shipped. We can assist you in determining the appropriate size, and we also offer a selection of commonly used sizes for your convenience.

Our bubble envelopes are packaged in 100 pieces per pack, with a pack of 25.5 x 33 cm (length x width) bubble bags weighing approximately 1.26 kilograms. We have set a minimum order quantity of 500 packs, allowing you to order according to your specific needs.

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What makes Mailerbagfactory trustworthy?

We are a packaging company specializing in providing custom mailer bags for studios, brands, and enterprises. During the last few years, we have developed 5 types of shipping bags to meet the different requirements for transporting goods. Committed to providing a superb parcel bag solution for our customers, many experienced experts were invited to join us. They can help perfect your design within your budget. You can click here or send us an E-Mail at [email protected] now to get a quote.

Three choices for customizing your bubble mailers

Bubble mailers, as their name implies, contain internal bubbles made from polyethylene, offering excellent resistance to the rigors of transit. At our company, we offer two distinct styles of bubble mailers, differentiated by their outer layer materials:

1. Paper Coated Bubble Mailers: These mailer bags typically have a yellow hue, deriving their color from a special waterproof and oil-resistant paper material. This design ensures robust protection during transportation.

2. Poly Outer Layer Bubble Mailers: You can easily identify them by their distinct names. This type of bubble mailer is completely made from polyethylene.

3. Metallic bubble mailer: It is characterized by its shiny, metallic exterior and often comes in various colors such as gold, silver, blue, or red. Its distinctive metallic sheen comes from its coating made from foil-like material.

The mentioned styles of our bubble mailers excel in shipping efficiency. Each type is equipped with a strong self-sealing adhesive strip, allowing for easy and secure package sealing.

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