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People usually search on Google when they need to pick the most suitable type of eco-friendly mailers to ship their products. If you are having trouble with the same problem now, I guess the majority of the results would suggest you buy some paper mailers. They are recyclable mailers that won’t pollute the environment.

But, guess what? Paper is not your only choice. Biodegradable poly mailers in our company can help reduce your carbon footprint too.

What Are Biodegradable Mailers Made of?

The eco-friendly mailers’ main material, polypropylene, is also the key to their success. As a kind of green environmentally friendly material, polypropylene is non-toxic, odorless, impact-resistant, and corrosion-resistant, which is very suitable for manufacturing mailer bags.


Are Compostable Mailers Good?

Taking polypropylene as raw material, the produced mailer bags were produced without high temperatures or additives, which greatly reduce the emissions of waste gas and sewage. What is more, when these compostable mailers reach their service life, they can be crushed into particles and turned into recycled material for secondary use.

From the perspective of the current packaging market, “eco-friendly” will still be one of the focuses when people tailor their packaging. If environmental problems can’t achieve breakthrough improvements in the short term, then countries will not change their decision on promoting recyclable packaging an important initiative to solve the environmental problem.

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What makes Mailerbagfactory trustworthy?

We are a packaging company specializing in providing custom mailer bags for studios, brands, and enterprises. During the last few years, we have developed 5 types of shipping bags to meet the different requirements for transporting goods. Committed to providing a superb parcel bag solution for our customers, many experienced experts were invited to join us. They can help perfect your design within your budget. You can click here or send us an E-Mail at [email protected] now to get a quote.

Eco-Friendly Poly Mailers VS Recycled Paper Mailers, Which One Is The Best Choice?

As a qualified mailer bags manufacturer, we supply both eco-friendly poly mailers and recycled paper mailers. They are all within the production scope of our factory. When you have to choose from these two postal bags, the key point is to follow the needs of your products.

For example, if you are going to ship a sweater, eco-friendly poly mailer would be better for its strong tear resistance. It could make sure that the sweater inside is well-protected. And if you are going to ship a photo, paper mailer would be better. Just in case, you can contact us at [email protected] for any confusion.

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